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- Planning
- Scheduling
- Casting

We Specialize In:

Web Video    - Commercial Video    - Marketing Videos   

- Internal & External Corporate Communications Videos    - Training Videos

- Trade Show Videos   - Speakers or Corporate Event Videos   - Narrative Productions

From Pre-Production to Post-Production for anything from Web Videos to Films

Whether you are looking for a simple internal communications video, a web based marketing video, or a narrative production, we are ready to bring your vision to the screen.

Production Services:


The Motion Picture and Video Production process is broken down into 3 main phases: 


Pre-Production.  Production.  Post Production. 


Here at Jeff Yanik Digital Productions we are ready to handle any or all phases of your upcoming productions. 


- HD Video Production


- HD Non-Linear Editing
- Encoding
- Transcoding

- DVD Authoring

- Blu-Ray Authoring

Contact us today to discuss how we can bring your project to the screen!

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